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Training facility discussion on council agenda

By Staff | Mar 18, 2016

City Council will be asked to approve two personnel hiring resolutions at Monday’s meeting seeking permission to hire a two professional engineers and a fleet manager in the Public Works Department at a salary up to the 75th percentile of the Fiscal Year 2016 salary range.

The request includes the city paying applicable relocation costs for the three individuals as allowed by ordinance.

With no public hearings scheduled on the agenda, council will open discussions on three important topics. One is the city’s five-year major road resurfacing plan; a resolution pertaining to an engineering services contract to develop a public safety training facility for city police and fire personnel including spatial needs, and estimated budget and project costs; plus city objections to a Fort Myers wastewater treatment facilities operating and discharge permits going to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

Cost of the engineering contract for the training facility is estimated at $49,735 from the city’s general fund.

The city objects to the proposed depth of the wastewater treatment disposal injection well at 1,400 feet in North Fort Myers, saying it raises concerns about contamination of the Cape Coral drinking water wells. It has been standard practice in Southwest Florida, including Cape Coral, to drill wastewater injection wells at 2,500 feet, which city officials say has been proved safe and reliable.

Monday’s meeting comes to order at 4:30 p.m. in Council Chambers at City Hall.