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SCA is granted development permit for upcoming renovations

By Staff | Mar 16, 2016

The Sanibel Community Association has the thumbs up to start its renovations on the Sanibel Community House, after the Planning Commission granted its development permit application Tuesday, March 8.

The permit application included the planned expansions and renovations which includes the existing offices, kitchen, storage, lobby and restroom areas.

Repairs and restoration to damaged portions of the buildings was also included. Since the building is listed on the City’s Local Register of Historical Sites and Structures, the repair to the exterior siding and the installation of a new asphalt shingled roof needs to be as close to historical proportions as possible.

“It looks like a beautiful project,” said Commission member Jason Maughan. “The Historical Preservation Committee passed a resolution to accept the plan, so I will go along with their recommendation.”

Roy Gibson of the Sanibel Planning Department laid out several recommendations for the SCA, which Robert Monk, esquire on behalf of the SCA, said all were acceptable.

“It’s a worthy cause,” said Planning Commission chair Dr. Philip Marks.

It was passed unanimously.

A request for variances for a boat lift on a canal for a house at 5743 Pine Tree LLC was granted by a 6-0 vote.

The variances were for installing a boat lift in conjunction with the construction of a new boat dock, to extend waterward greater than the maximum allowed 20-percent of the waterway width.

With mangrove trees on the shoreline near the lift, the setback for the lift only would help preserve them and lessen the chances of damage.

There were eight conditions placed on the variance, which all were agreed upon by the owners. There also was one public comment on the request by a neighbor, Gary Kreml, who was against it because it could set a precedent and impair navigation in the canal.

“There have been other boat lifts granted variances, but they have not allowed any impact to the mangroves,” Gibson said.

Gibson added they would not support a reconstruction of the dock to make it closer to the mangroves, that’s why the owners sought a variance.

“Staff also believes it would not be an obstruction into the canal waterway,” Gibson included.

Commission member Chris Headrick agreed with the Gibson that the variance would help save the mangroves from being damaged.

“Each variance is different for each property,” Heidrick said. “If there wasn’t any mangroves on the other side of the canal, there would be no variance granted for a dock to go further out in the canal.”

The variance will be signed at the next meeting, with no public comment granted.