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A big helping hand from SPD and SFD

By Staff | Mar 9, 2016

To the editor:

Our 22-month old granddaughter Michele Schubert was visiting her grandparents, Bruce & Nancy Mann, when she locked herself into her bedroom at 8:30 pm that evening.

We were unable to get the lock released, and proceeded to dismantle the entire door knob, but the lock mechanism would still not disengage.

After 30 minutes, we finally called 911, and two Sanibel squad cars promptly appeared, and worked on the door as well.

The only way it appeared feasible, was to break the door down, but they were concerned about hurting the girl, so they decided to call the fire department.

In the 19 years of living on the island, the grandparents have never had to use the services of the police/fire department. With a heavy crow bar, the fire department was able to finally dislodge the door.

The attached photo shows a very pleased little girl being held by her rescuers.

As a side note, upon gaining access to the bedroom, Michele was proudly sitting on the top bunk looking out her window at the flashers on the fire truck.

She seemed pleased with the entire event. We can’t thank the fire and police department enough. Now all locks and door knobs have been replaced so that this event will never happen again.

Bruce and Nancy Mann