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Planning Commission approves pair of separate variances for private residents

By Staff | Mar 2, 2016

The Sanibel Planning Commission approved two separate sets of variances for private residents in its Feb. 23 meeting.

The first went to Gerald Steven and Diana Day for their single-family residence at 970 Victoria Way. The approved variance to allow the construction of a new dormer feature.

Roy Gibson of the Planning Department recommended the approval after the case went to court and a settlement was reached. There was little discussion and the variance was passed 7-0.

There was more compromising done in the second request by Martin and Crystal Mulder, who live at 1824 Woodring Road.

The Mulders own two parcels of land, one in which has two nonconforming houses occupying it and the other empty and containing Mangrove trees. The Mulders were requesting to build a 3,635 square foot home on the parcel already containing the houses, which would be removed.

The applicants requested a variance to allow two sections of the roof overhang on the second floor of the new residence to extend above the primary angle of light height limit.

After much discussion of the variances, it was agreed upon that the second parcel, which contained the Mangroves, to be left alone and not mowed or used as parking or storage.

There was a 24-month extension on the variances granted so the Mulders will have time to hook up to the City sewer system, which is currently in the process of expanding to the Woodring Road area.

This would allow the avoidance of construction a septic system, which was not desired by either the City or the owners of the property.

The Mulders and their architect made concessions to remove an overhang for the angle of light variance, as well.

The variance, with added conditions, was approved 5-0, with two abstentions.