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CRA soliciting Special Event Sponsorship Grant applications for Fiscal Year 2017

By Staff | Mar 1, 2016

The Cape Coral Community Redevelopment Agency is seeking applications for Special Events Sponsorship Grants.

The program, which CRA officials say is designed to help support efforts to bring more people to the South Cape, would supply “small monetary grants” next fiscal year to “organizations and businesses whose events directly serve the citizens and visitors of Cape Coral’s community redevelopment area and support the mission and principles of the CRA.”

“The CRA in its efforts to alleviate blight and to foster economic development through the years, has been involved with numerous efforts to bring “feet on the street,” to bring people to South Cape to support local business and discover the amenities in the CRA,” a release from the agency overseen by the Cape Coral City Council sitting as the Community Redevelopment Board states. “Recently, the CRA has been transitioning from direct involvement with events to supporting organizations to foster their ability to build the capacity to take on responsibility for events and activities that the Community Redevelopment Board feels are desirable for South Cape.”

The grants are intended to specifically support the events themselves.

“These grants are in no way intended to: provide general operating funds, finance agency operating, program shortfalls, or take the place of agency/business fundraising efforts,” the release states. “All grants are awarded or denied at the discretion of the CRA Board.”

Organizations seeking CRA Special Event Sponsorship for Fiscal Year 2017 will need to submit a CRA FY 2017 Special Events Sponsorship Grant Application.

The deadline for all completed CRA Special Events Sponsorship Grant Application submissions will be 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 31.