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Sanibel School student places third in science fair

By Staff | Feb 24, 2016

Gabby Miltner, 8th grade student at The Sanibel School, placed third at the Thomas Alva Edison Regional Fair for her chemistry project. MEGHAN MCCOY

An eighth grade student from The Sanibel School took home a medal for her third place chemistry project at the end of January during the Thomas Alva Edison Regional Fair.

“It was very exciting,” Gabby Miltner said.

Middle school science teacher Dana Sanner said students from public and private schools, as well as home school kids participated in the 59th annual Thomas Alva Edison Regional Fair at Florida Gulf Coast University Alico Arena Saturday, Jan. 23.

Miltner, Sanner said, placed third out of everyone there.

“It’s like being third at the Olympics,” she said smiling.

Miltner’s experiment was called “Rotten or Ripe.” She decided to do the project because she always makes smoothies with her mother.

The duo typically uses kale, among other veggies, and strawberries and bananas that would always go bad before they were able to use all of the produce. In an effort to keep the assortment of veggies and fruit fresh, her project focused on what products would prolong their freshness.

Miltner used blue apple, fresh paper and a homemade veggie and fruit soaker throughout her 10 day experiment. The project revealed that the fresh paper worked the best because it held one of the three necessary elements in keeping produce fresh – ethylene gas control.

The fresh paper is either placed underneath the fruits and vegetables, or over top.

Miltner said her fruits and vegetables now last at least five days longer.

When Miltner first arrived at Alico Arena last month she was given a name tag and spent time putting her science fair project display board up in her designated area for the judges to see.

She said there were many categories and counties represented at the fair last month.

“It was nice to meet so many people,” Miltner said of the other students.

She said throughout the fair she thought she may have earned an honorable mention, but did not think she would place third.

“There were eight judges who came to my table,” which she said was an indicator her project was doing well. “I had to present (my project) eight times.”

The eighth grader said the judges did not make her nervous because she knew her project well.

“I knew some of the judges,” Miltner added.

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