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Poetic License: Poem for Leap Day 2016

By Staff | Feb 24, 2016

On this extra day I can recite the happiest verses.

I can recite, for example: on this extra day,

the eye of heaven shines as in eternal lines

to time thou growest.

Today I can recite the happiest lines:

I still love you and you still love me.

On days like these I’ve held you in my arms

And kissed you again and again under the infinite sky.

You’ve loved me so much how could I not love you,

Not love the blue universe of your eyes.

Today I can recite the happiest lines.

To think that I still have you, have not lost you,

Feel the immensity of this extra day

Made more immense because of you.

What does it matter that others cannot keep their love?

Today is luminous because you are with me.

And that is not all. Leap Day will leap into night,

Stars will burn bolder in the magic sky, the Man

Or Woman in the Moon will beam down upon us,

We will lie down once again in each other’s arms

And on this extra night, I will recite the happiest verses.