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Pitiful pink pill for public problems

By Staff | Feb 17, 2016

To the editor:

Placebos often make people feel better, but no physician would prescribe sugar pills to treat cancer.

Mayor Ruane’s latest suggestion to improve water quality-writing to the Corps of Engineers to stop releasing polluted water from lake O is another of his placebos.

The nitrates, phosphates and iron salts in agricultural fertilizer are the cancers that are destroying our ecosystem. These nutrients stimulate the growth of algae and especially “red tide” that kills fish and other marine life.

Our governor and Mayor Ruane’s henchmen in the legislature refuse to regulate agricultural fertilizer or insist that the AG industry create wetlands for the runoff from their fields.

The legislators are now in session to reduce regulations on the polluters. The have also diverted money that was earmarked to acquire land for conservation to their own purposes.

What can we expect?

The Ag industry, especially Big Sugar greases the palms of politicians with campaign contributions. Mr. Ruane, when you talk to your buddies in the state capital, ask for meaningful regulation of the Ag industry, demand a moratorium on septic tanks and insist on more effective treatment of sewage.

Where is Mr. Goss?

Remember, he said, “I can work with polluters.”

Is he using his influence to reduce big Ag’s fertilizers and poisonous pesticides?

The Mayor is offering useless little pink pills for Sanibel’s traffic problem. My friend, Duke spent nearly three hours traveling from Periwinkle Park to the pharmacy on Ridge Road to fill a prescription for his wife.

So far, the cameras, advisories and the Mayor’s advice to visit Sanibel, stay overnight, shop and eat at a restaurant hasn’t worked. Mr. Mike Miller, chairman of the COTI traffic committee let the cat out of the bag when he wrote, “none of us should want to harm the island’s hospitality business.”

The Sanibel Plan has the only real solution to Island traffic-fewer cars.

The Mayor and city council should stop issuing permits for events such as the shell and arts fairs. They should encourage the Chamber of Commerce and the Lee County Tourist Development Council to stop advertising Sanibel as a tourist destination.

Increase the bridge fares for non-residents. Don’t expect anything constructive as long as members of the council have financial interests on Sanibel.

Dr. John Raffensperger