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Panel OKs Captiva Community Plan final draft

By Staff | Feb 17, 2016



A few minor revisions were made to the Captiva Community Plan to further clarify the verbiage before the panel unanimously voted to send it to Lee County for approval.

The first change was made within Goal 13: The Captiva Community Vision regarding building standards. The new verbiage states that “Building standards that maintain existing densities, and building heights, and development regulations designed to preserve the Captiva Community Vision.”

The second change took place within Policy 13.4.1: Short-Term Rental of Residential Units. The panel added additional verbiage to the policy.

“In order to preserve the stability and tranquility of residential streets and communities, to prevent overwhelming usage of residential septic systems, to limit trash disposal consistent with residential use, to insure that traffic and parking demands do not exceed the capacity of residential units on Captiva Island (excluding those in South Seas Island Resort and in other licensed resorts, hotels or motels) may not be rented for a period of less than seven consecutive days, and may not be rented or leased under more than one lease at a time.”

The final change occurred in “Trees Along Captiva Drive” within Policy 13.5.1. The new language states, “The restoration of the historic tree canopy and vegetation buffers along Captiva Drive between Blind Pass and the north end of Captiva Drive is encouraged. For all new tree plantings on Captiva Drive, only trees that are indigenous, native, or non-invasive may be planted. The use of indigenous or native trees and vegetation requiring minimal irrigation once established is also encouraged on Captiva.”

Panel member David Mintz made a recommendation to the board that they leave Policy 13.1.4: Quality of Adjacent Waters alone for the time being because discussions are only starting on Captiva wastewater.

“I think it’s premature,” he said because they are still gathering information on sewers. “It will raise red flags and concerns that are not necessary.”

A portion of the policy states, “Such measures may include regulation of the maintenance of septic systems, or other onsite sewage treatment and disposal systems, and the introduction of sewers only if sized to limit development to that permitted by the Captiva Plan and Land Development Code.”

The county will reply with comments on the Captiva Community Plan before going through public hearings. The Lee County Board of Commissioners will then vote on adopting the plan.

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