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Bicycle rental shops on Sanibel get conditional use permits granted by Planning Commission

By Staff | Feb 17, 2016



A pair of conditional use permits for the two bicycle rental stores on Sanibel were approved by the Planning Commission in its bi-monthly meeting Feb. 9.

The first approved was for Billy’s Rentals, located at 1470 Periwinkle Way, with owner Billy Kirkland making his presentation to allow for the rental of a total of 400 bicycles and eight surrey-type bicycles.

The issue of renting the surrey-type bikes was a non-item, since the Sanibel City Council passed an ordinance to grandfather the bikes’ usage on the shared use paths.

The proposal also eliminated the currently permitted rental of nine two-seat motorcycles and to modify the landscape/vegetation buffer installation.

There were a total of 14 conditions in which Kirkland agreed to for the passage of the conditional use permit.

Roy Gibson of the Planning Department, noted a detailed plan should be submitted by Kirkland on how he will store 400 bikes without going over the 10-percent commercial flooring limit and the 50-percent commercial development limit.

“We are not seeking to go over either limit,” Kirkland said. “We are not expanding, either, just adding more bikes on the site.”

One option of storing more bikes without going over the 10-percent commercial flooring limit is stacking them on racks with covers over the top of them.

It was also noted by Kirkland that Billy’s Rentals will be keeping its 60 scooters, but eliminating the motorcycle rentals.

The request by Joe Craig of Finnemore’s, located at 2353 Periwinkle Way, for a conditional use permit for the rental of seven kayaks, 14 paddleboards, 50 beach chairs with umbrellas, 150 bicycles and eighth surrey-type of bicycles was approved 7-0.

There are new owners of Finnemore’s, as well, which is the CATT Inc.

The extra 50 bicycles requested by Craig to rent does not go over the commercial flooring 10-percent limit.

“The request puts more bikes on the island, which means less traffic,” Craig added.

The Planning Commission added a condition that Finnemore’s follow all state regulations regarding the safe use of paddleboards.