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Flooding of Tradewinds area

By Staff | Feb 10, 2016

To the editor:

There are two issues I would like to point out (about the flooding of the Tradewinds neighborhood).

The claim of cleaning existing culverts is false. It is a pretense that is waste of taxpayers money accomplishing absolutely nothing.

The culverts are filled in with soil and do not provide for proper drainage as originally designed. They would have to be dug out to the original depth and interconnected flow provided as originally designed.

That would cost the public works too much maintenance money and so instead they send in crew to snake through one inch clearance achieving absolutely nothing, when right next to it is a culvert filled with planting material to the level of the street.

Upon questioning such a procedure, the answer was, “well the owners usually take care of that and we come only when there is a problem.”

In other words, they are waiting for the rain to stop instead doing comprehensive reestablishment of the original functionality by digging the accumulated soil out.

As to the original drainage to the ocean, that was truly the working solution, without which the neighborhood is doomed to flaming and deterioration of properties.

There are such a thing as grandfathered exceptions, but politically nobody wants to go and position himself or herself as an environmentally insensitive when letting people suffer is much more convenient.

So, in conclusion, it is easier to study to death impossible scenarios, rather than actually solving the problem.

Milos Janovsky