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Roundabouts not user-friendly for pedestrians, bicyclists

By Staff | Feb 6, 2016

To the editor:

The city council’s efforts to find ways to mitigate the island’s traffic woes are certainly to be lauded.

However, a close relative just returned from living in Europe for several years, where the use of roundabouts is heavily utilized, and she sounds a note of caution regarding them.

She and her spouse prefer to walk and bike as much as possible, which we also wish to encourage on the island, and they found that while the roundabouts are certainly good at moving vehicular traffic, they give pedestrians and bikers little or no quarter.

Combine this with a high percentage of inexperienced bikers and small children and we might not obtain our desired results?

Those who have actually lived with and navigated such systems need to be carefully consulted.

Rebecca Moss