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To leave or not to leave?

By Staff | Jan 27, 2016

To the editor:

A fellow with mean Grinchy eyes approached me on the tennis court and said, “If you don’t like the traffic, tourists, the new Doc Ford’s and the city council, vote with your feet and leave.”

I had to think about that; perhaps, he is right.

Where to go?

The rest of Florida is filling up with people and the entire state is on the brink of environmental disaster.

Governor Scott and his deep pocket cronies have gutted Florida’s weak environmental laws. Big cities, like Chicago are nearly uninhabitable because of traffic, noise, crime and rising taxes.

Once lovely, tranquil destinations such as Mt. Desert Island in Maine, or Cape Cod are plagued with heavy tourism and massive traffic jams.

The coast of California from Carmel to Santa Barbara was once upon a time, the most beautiful area in the world. That stretch of coast is now congested and over-populated.

California is running out of water, oil spills have spoiled the beaches and folks near Los Angeles are under a cloud of methane.

The miners, oil drillers and the developers have destroyed the most beautiful spots in the world.

The Lee County tourist industry aided and abetted by our city council, the chamber of commerce and COTI will eventually turn Sanibel into a Disney like mega tourist development.

This prospect, along with rising sea levels suggest that it is time to leave, but to where?

Please, won’t others will rise up and speak out against the politicians, swindlers, crooks, developers and other scoundrels who will destroy Sanibel?

Dr. John Raffensperger