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CEPD discusses projects during monthly meeting

By Staff | Jan 20, 2016

Many updates were given during the Captiva Erosion Prevention District monthly meeting about studies taking place and projects completed.

CEPD Administrator Kathy Rooker provided an update on the Red Pass Study during the January meeting. She said an inlet study helps in identifying if there is a good source of sediment in the pass.

“We need sediment to do erosion dredging,” she said.

Currently CEPD goes 8 miles offshore for sediment, which can become very expensive. Rooker said the study may show that there is a possibility of using sand right off the Captiva coast.

She said the problem with the borrowing area located 8 miles out is the sediment does not replenish itself.

Gages were deployed into the pass to determine the tides and currents of the location. They were scheduled to remain in the pass for 30 days to collect enough data.

Rooker said the gages were expected to be picked up anywhere from Jan. 13, to Jan. 15 and she should have an update later this month, the beginning of next month.

The study is expected to be completed by October 2016.

The meeting also discussed the Blind Pass Study, which began to develop a sediment budget of the pass and adjacent beaches within the inlet.

City of Sanibel Director of Natural Resources James Evans said the idea is to go through different alternatives and determine if there is any need, any engineering technologies, they can use to better manage the pass. He said he believes at the end of 2016, early 2017, dredging will begin.

In terms of how the pass is doing, Evans said it all depends on the day and if a cold front has gone through the area.

“We were seeing a lot of erosion at the end of the winter last year around April, May. That’s when we put 600 cubic yards of sand on the north end of Sanibel at the beach access,” he said, adding that after that they started seeing a lot of excretion at the pass.

Evans also mentioned Silver Key, north of Bowman’s Beach, has also been suffering from severe erosion over the last month. Although there are no homes, or structures in jeopardy, the erosion is resulting in loss of recreational beach.

Rooker also provided an update on the beach tilling and escarpment leveling, which was completed on Jan. 11. Perry’s Beach Service, Inc. was awarded the bid.

She said the job was originally completed on Jan. 8, before a storm came through the following day. Even though the work was complete, he was back out to the island to see if anything further needed to be done.

Rooker said she was very happy with the results, a very smooth surface of sand.

The tilling has to be done every three years for the benefit of the sea turtles.

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