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A nation in decline

By Staff | Jan 6, 2016

To the editor:

We are a nation in decline. Our citizens do not seem to know this. They are busy running in stampede mode. Many have their ears plugged and their eyes fixed on a screen. I wonder if we can get our nation’s attention before we run over the cliff.

Only one presidential candidate seems aware of this crisis and created a plan to alter our course.

China has become our No. 1 trading partner. Our No. 1 trading item with China is recycled used paper. Will this create jobs? Will this reduce our trade deficit?

Ninety percent of the toys sold in America are made in China. Therefore if you bought toys this holiday season chances are great they were made in China. If you bought any Apple product this season it probably was made in China. In fact most of what we bought the season was probably not made in America.

Soon we will not be the world leading economy. We will be replaced by China.

Perhaps we can get our Congress to spend less time opposing Cuba and more time building our economy.

From the Irish Peacekeepers- – “When you champion your own community, they may well back you. And when you accept the challenge of leadership of your own community, they may follow you. But when you accept the challenge of confronting your own community, you risk rejection and alienation.

But this is nevertheless the height of courage.”

Lewis Robinson

Fort Myers