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The past is what forged the present

By Staff | Dec 30, 2015

To the editor:

“New Orleans considers removing confederate monuments”… and so the headline reads. On the surface one would think that in this politically correct world that seems to be a good idea. Perhaps even a rewrite of our history is in order. Some may not like what happened in the Civil War but it did happen. These statutes represent who and what happened where. It is part of our heritage and shows the fire of tempering steel that made this country great. Our laws and resolve to survive are witnessed by these events. Differing viewpoints were examined, tried, discarded and accepted. This country hammered out the relationship of responsibility of states to the federal government and to the citizens.

That someone today would even mention to destroy this past demonstrates how little that group has done that is useful to this country.

That group should demonstrate its positive offering for future generations to enjoy.

But destroying any part of our cherished history, our growing pains and dedication to become this country is to be rejected as pure nonsense. We were not created out of perfection but rather out of conflict. We have endured conflict throughout our past and because of, or in spite of these events, we are still the envy of other countries’ citizens.

We accept the gods and religions of those we may oppose. Should our political past deserve any less consideration? I think not!

Joseph L. Kibitlewski, PhD.

Cape Coral