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City to begin sanitary sewer pipe lining project in southeast Cape

By Staff | Dec 30, 2015

The city of Cape Coral’s Utilities Department will begin a sanitary sewer pipe lining project in the southeast Cape Monday, Jan. 4. A contractor for the city will rehab and repair about 10,000 linear feet of gravity sewer lines. Insituform Technologies LLC will be using the “Cured in Place Pipe Lining” process, which eliminates the need to excavate the roads and yards. This process reduces the time required for repairs and rehab of aging sanitary sewer lines.

Work will be done in areas identified as Basin 103 and Basin 210 (see attached maps).

Basin 103: Bordered by the intersection of Del Prado Boulevard and El Dorado Parkway, E, north to Cape Coral Parkway, and from Edith Esplanade to Cape Coral Street, including Vendome, Venetian, Viking and Normandy courts with some additional work on El Dorado Parkway E.

Basin 210: From Southeast 24th Place and Everest Parkway east and south to the Caloosahatchee River.

The work will include the cleaning and videotaping gravity sewer lines, preparation and installation of the “Cured In Place Liner,” and other repairs as needed.

Work will occur in the right of way, city streets and intersections. Prior to any interruption of service, affected residents will be notified via door hangers. Typically, work will take about only one or two days on individual sections of a street. The project is expected to continue for 10 weeks.

This project is part of system maintenance within the Utilities Department’s Capital Improvement Budget. This work is being done to address inflow and infiltration problems that are inherent to older sanitary sewer collection systems. The cost for this type of sanitary sewer line rehabilitation work is substantially less than digging up the old sewer line and replacing it with a new pipe. Another great benefit is the end result is basically the same as having a new pipe except it is done in less time with only minimal disruption to the neighborhoods where the work is being performed. The newly lined pipe should last for decades.