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‘Strung Out Loud’ will bring their high-energy acoustic show to Cork Soakers New Year’s Eve

By Staff | Dec 24, 2015

Acoustic duos are always a big draw for local pubs and smaller music venues in Cape Coral and, usually, that type of music can create a nice, relaxing atmosphere, supplying some good background music.

But on New Year’s Eve at Cork Soakers Deck and Wine Bar – at 837 S.E. 47th Terrance in Cape Coral – expect a much higher energy show from the acoustic duo known as “Strung Out Loud.”

The show will be from 6-10 p.m.

Their duo name says it all, as Sean Ewing and Andi Ramser, will bring an up-tempo set to Cork Soakers to help ring in the New Year.

“We are not your typical strung-out acoustic duo,” Ramser said. “That’s why our name, ‘Strung Out Loud,’ describes us so well. We rock up our songs we play and try to provide that fun, more entertaining type of acoustic show. We are a high-energy acoustic project and that is something a lot of people don’t get to see.”

Instead of the typical laid-back and slow James Taylor type of tunes crooned by an acoustic duo, Ewing and Ramser belt out fast-paced rock songs by music bands such as Green Day and the Go-Go’s.

“The thing is, when we started playing as an acoustic duo, we didn’t just want to play mellow, slow music, and without a drummer, I play up-tempo on my guitar and bang on it to keep it lively,” Ewing said.

The experience playing live ranges from the long-time musician in Ewing, to the more fresh entertainer in Ramser.

Ewing has been playing for quite sometime, from heavy metal to the more softer rock cover bands.

“I’ve done pretty much everything, except for country, which I am dabbling in now,” Ewing said.

Ramser, who was a late-comer as a performer, shows her dedication to playing live music by just the way she has to travel. Originally from southern Indiana and now living in Louisville, Ky., Ramser travels every month for her job at a marketing firm in Fort Myers.

Ewing lives downtown Fort Myers and when Ramser makes her journey to Southwest Florida, the duo usually have shows booked to play, including a regular venue at Cowboy Up, at 1611 Hendry Street, Fort Myers.

“We used to play in a band together in Louisville, but we weren’t getting enough bookings,” Ramser said. “So Sean and I decided to play as an acoustic duo, which allows us to play much more.”

Ramser said the first time they played Cork Soakers, it was to a dinner crowd. Instead of playing the low-key sound most duos play, they played their usual upbeat music.

It worked.

“We were just being ourselves, playing with high energy and by the end of the night, someone from Cork Soakers came up to us and said they loved it and wanted us back,” Ramser added.

“I just play fast and loud on the guitar, and Andi responds to it,” Ewing said. “We just keep it fast and heavy, so it makes it feel like we are not missing a drummer.”

Ramser and Ewing also play as a studio band, where they recorded their first album as the duo called Mad Luck. Their first album “Sweeter Now” is available at itunes.apple.com/us/album/sweeter-now/id902575991, as is their recent single, “No Easy Fix.”

“We just finished our new single, but given our situation (with traveling), it took us a year to get that done,” Ramser said.

But with all that hard work into putting their own songs on an album, it doesn’t quell the tide of energy Strung Out Loud streams when performing live, as this New Year’s Eve at Cork Soakers will prove.

“We really mix it up and our goal is to put on a good show, but most of all, make everyone have a good time,” Ewing said.