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Poetic License: Collage Sinatra

By Staff | Dec 16, 2015

The last night we called it a day by day,

falling more in love with you was only

make believe. Every time after time

I told myself that rainy day and night

you were the one deep inside of me,

all the way and under my skin, beginning

to beguine all over again the once

upon a time after time when we were young

and seventeen. Strangers in the night and day

beneath the moon and sun, we did it your way

and now you’ll never know what time it was

or where or when it seemed to be you took

all or nothing at all of me and put

my dream away for another night and day.

To help us celebrate Frankies 100th birthday, see how many of his classic songs you can identify.

Editors note: Answers will appear in Joe’s column next week.