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Huxter’s new sign doesn’t convey good ole’ times

By Staff | Dec 16, 2015

To the editor:

I am writing in appreciation of Michael Wardroper’s letter of last week expressing disappointment with Huxter’s new sign.

Since I am the “quirky” old and certainly from a “bygone age” artist that came up with that sketch well over 25 year ago, I certainly agree with him.

That pickle was undoubtedly conceived in the bowels of the some nameless computer. Back then, real artists used drawing boards and magic markers!

The true credit for that sign, (there used to be two, and larger, at the entrance and exit, before the sign ordinance came to be) goes to Chip Carter.

Chip was the real production guy. He got the commissions, then crafted, sand-blasted, erected and painted that sign and many others that have come and gone around the Islands.

Once in awhile, when he needed a particular image, or drawing, he’d call me.

As I recall, Chip had asked Toni Primeaux, who along with Libby McMullin, owned Studio 11 at the time, in the Sanibel Prominade, to do the Huxter sketch for his client.

Toni, however being a mere youngster back then, and not exactly sure what a Huxter actually was, referred Chip to me.

Again, Mr. Wardroper, thanks for noticing. I didn’t expect anyone would.

Judy Hicks