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Giving props to June Sieber

By Staff | Dec 2, 2015

To the editor:

I’ve never sent a “letter to the editor” before, but I felt compelled to do so after reading June Sieber’ “Faces of Faith” column in The Islander issue, week of Nov. 25.

I want to publicly express both my support of the sentiments expressed by Mrs. Sieber and my respect and admiration for her for addressing the painful subject of immigration.

I recommend everyone read Mrs. Siebers’ column as it is accurate and insightful. For the purposes of this letter, however, I will take the liberty of concising it’s message: We are the United States of America and this country does NOT turn it’s back on the poor and desperate people fleeing for their lives from intolerable and unspeakable conflict and cruelty.

This wave of “immigrant hating” is not who we are!

Of course we’re scared. If you are not scared in the wake of the atrocities committed by terrorists in Paris, Mali, and countless other places around the world you’d be an idiot.

The world is a dangerous place and we don’t want the next attack to be here. I get it. But to let our compassion, our morality, our very humanity be taken be hijacked by these killers and to turn away desperate people seeking refuge is not the answer.

The answer is to do exactly the opposite because otherwise we become just like them…soulless and heartless.

The hateful, vile, offensive rhetoric being spouted by Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump is reprehensible and repulsive.

He is throwing red meat to his supporters (who in God’s name ARE these people?!? are they really my fellow Americans?

Do they actually think this self-absorbed, fear mongering, repugnant, ignorant side show of a man should be our next President?) and playing to the worst side of us all.

This man is a liar, preying on our fears and our prejudices. We know it’s not right. We know.

I would love to see Trump brought down, hard.

However, the prospect of those waiting in the wings…Ted Cruz (the government shut-down expert, who wants to let only Christians into the country), or Carson (this man is a renowned neurosurgeon????) or Rubio (who says we are in the midst of a clash of civilizations) or Christie (the “popular” Jersey governor) Huckabee (who wants to unite Church and State…really?) Fiorina (who swears she saw a Planned Parenthood video of a full term fetus being aborted….NOT!) etc. etc., is also so deeply distressing that Bush is beginning to sound good to me.

At least I think he’s sane.

Thanks, June. I really needed to say all that.

Maria Dispenza