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CROWS 2016 calendar available to purchase

By Staff | Dec 2, 2015

The front of the 2016 Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife features a photograph of Ozzie captured by Desiree Deliz. PHOTO PROVIDED

A glimpse into the life of many patients of CROW are featured in the 2016 calendar, which is now available to purchase at the gift store, or online, with 100 percent of the proceeds benefiting the Ozzie Memorial Fund.

CROW Marketing Manager Kenny Howell said the fund was established shortly after Ozzie died because the public wanted to make donations in the bald eagle’s name.

“This year CROW had a couple of patients that required extended and costly care that put a tremendous burden on the hospital. This fund will assist patients that require extended care and nontraditional treatment,” he said.

For the second year, photographer Kim Patmore has spearheaded gathering the photographs for the calendar.

“I found a U.S. company in Montana that does fundraising calendars with reasonable prices and high quality paper,” she said. “I pay for the shipping and printing. The only thing they (CROW) are paying for is the postage.”

The 2016 calendar features wildlife, CROW patients and Ozzie. PHOTO PROVIDED

Two thousand calendars were printed. The calendars can be purchased at CROWS gift shop, 3883 Sanibel Captiva Road, for $10, or online at www.crowclinic.org/support-us/ozzie-memorialfund/ for $20. The $20 includes shipping and handling.

“I’m hoping everything goes well and I will have to reorder,” she said.

Patmore said she began the calendar last year because she saw it as a great fundraising opportunity, something that could be repeated year after year.

“They are very careful with any of the material that is donated, or any of the food that is donated they use that very wisely,” she said of why she makes the donation to CROW. “I like people that understand the value of what they are using. They are just very good stewards of their resources, from volunteers on up. It’s a very unique organization.”

In August a draft of the photographs were sent to CROW with what Patmore thought could be used, which began the planning for the 2016 calendar. In addition to the photographs, Howell spent time adding text to the calendar, many of which shares the stories of the patients of CROW.

Baby snowy plovers, photographed by Kim Patmore, are featured in the 2016 CROW calendar. PHOTO PROVIDED

The calendar is an assortment of Florida wildlife, CROW patients, and of course a few photographs of the bald eagle, Ozzie, photographed by Desiree Deliz. Smaller photographs for each month were included in the 2016 calendar, further demonstrating what CROW does for the wildlife community.

The front cover of the calendar features Ozzie due to the generosity of Deliz.

“I think it’s absolutely beautiful. It shows Ozzie’s banded. It shows that he had already been in care and now is free. Desiree Deliz was really very kind to allow us to use that,” Patmore said.

She first became involved with the Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife in 2012 when she donated three wrap canvas silent auction items for Taste of the Islands.

“Then I was hooked,” she said.

Over the years, Patmore has continued to donate photographs for CROW to raise money, as well as use for educational purposes. She said after she takes photographs of the patients she puts them on a jump drive for CROW to use.

“I love the work they are doing for the wildlife, one organization, one world, one health because there is so much work that is done on behalf of world health. What I really love is it’s teaching a lot of the younger people about conservation, conservation of wildlife areas, protection of our wildlife,” she said, adding that when things do not go as planned, CROW offers a clinic and hospital to take care of the injured animals.

Like many others, Patmore began taking photographs of her family before becoming extremely serious and purchasing equipment once she retired as the chief financial officer from First Data. Although she is not fully retired, due to becoming a consultant for financial work, she decided she wanted to fire up her love of photography.

“I want the time I spend on my hobby to be something that makes a difference,” she said. “I have taken a number of workshops and done a lot more work around getting good quality equipment.”

Patmore recently purchased a new lens that would allow her to take photographs of patients while at the hospital without using a flash.

“There is so much personal satisfaction,” she said of taking photographs. “I can go out for the day and I totally get in the flow of observing nature. Sometimes you don’t even get the shot because what you are observing is so cool.”

Individuals interested in purchasing Patmore’s Florida photographs can visit www.kimpatmorephotography.com. One hundred percent of the proceeds will be donated to CROW.

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