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Poetic License: No great thanks to you, Cavafy

By Staff | Nov 18, 2015

(From Sanibel Joe’s Songbook)

I’m a lonely new lyric

Looking for a tune,

For a piano or guitar man

To pick me out soon.

I’m very much aware

It’s often reverse,

The lyric comes last,

The melody first.

I’m a lonely new lyric

Left out on my own,

No Blackberry to text

Or call on the phone.

I don’t want a stage

Like pop songs that preach,

Rock ballads reliving

Every day on a beach.

They come and they go

Like the waves and tide,

But their tunes don’t show

What I feel inside.

The tune that I’m seeking

Should be catchy but pure,

Will take up my words,

And make them endure,

Roll round my rhymes,

Real easy to hum,

Make you remember

Whose words they were from.

I’m a lonely new lyric

Looking for a tune –

Piano or guitar man,

Please pick me out soon.