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Edison statue moves to museum

By Staff | Nov 18, 2015

The iconic, 10-foot-tall, wooden Edison statue will be moved from The Edison Restaurant back to Edison & Ford Winter Estates for placement in the Museum today. The huge Edison statue will be one of the artifacts and souvenirs on display in the new exhibit, Edison and Ford in Florida which opens on Sunday, November 22, 2 5 p.m.

Local sculptor, Rod Becklund, created the statue in 1996 from a historic Moreton Bay Fig tree planted by Thomas Edison in 1916 as part of his rubber research project. After the huge tree was removed, viable parts of it were kept for the nursery, while other parts where carved into art pieces and sold, allowing Edison Ford to recoup the $6,500 tree-removal fee. The statue was on display for several years at the Edison Mall and was later moved and on loaned to The Edison Restaurant.

Art movers and curatorial staff were to move the 4,000-pound statue early this morning. Finally, the 100-year-old tree will be back home at the Edison & Ford Winter Estates, greeting visitors and welcoming them to exhibits in Edison’s museum.