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Common sense on dark skies

By Staff | Nov 18, 2015

To the editor:

Thank you Mr. Harrity for objecting to spending the taxpayers’ money on educating the public about dark skies.

For a change, the comedians in city hall have shown some common sense. Is there anyone on the island who doesn’t know about shielding lights to prevent baby turtles from going astray?

There has already been a good deal of public education about this issue.

SCCF has explained the importance of not showing lights and, the newspapers have carried innumerable stories about ‘dark skies’.

It is time to enforce the “dark skies” policy.

Any one, with an hour to spare, can find shaded lights at Home Depot. The police, during their routine street patrols to apprehend vandals and thieves should easily be able to find non regulation lights.

They can then ring the doorbell and politely inform the resident of the crime. The second time, WHAMMO, it’s is off to the jug or a hefty fine.

Dr. John Raffensperger