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Macomber holds 13th annual ‘Reader Rendezvous’ party

By Staff | Nov 17, 2015

They came by car, they came by golf cart, they came by bicycle and they even came by boat to Pine Island author Robert Macomber’s 13th annual “Reader Rendezvous” party at Woody’s on Saturday.

“Some of our sailers from St. Petersburg Yacht Club are arriving,” Macomber said. “You have to be careful when sailers are on liberty, they are intent on having fun so have fun with them. Today, not only do we have my newest book ‘The Assassin’s Honor’ but we have very special music. To start off we have the famous Cuban Duo, which my readers love, and later today we have the special reunion of the world famous Yard Dogs. The Yard Dogs are coming back together just for us.”

There were several hundred people in attendance. Macomber’s fans are known as “Wakians,” named after the central character in his ‘Honor Series’ of novels. These Wakians gather from all over the world for Macomber’s Reader Rendezvous and book-signing events.

Macomber’s latest book “The Assassin’s Honor,” like all of the books in the Honor Series, revolves around the fictional character Peter Wake. Amazon writes, “In 1892, Commander Peter Wake has left the world of espionage behind and is back in the sea-going navy. But duty has called him from his new Spanish lover back to Key West to investigate an assassination and prevent another one ? all of which leads him to old German foes in Mexico as well as Spanish ones in Cuba and Tampa. The life of the great patriot of Cuba, Jos Mart, is at stake.”

“I want everyone to relax, eat, drink and enjoy the music,” Macomber said. “We will officially open this 13th annual book party in the same way we opened all of the previous parties, with my half century old conch shell. This is the most fun you’ve ever had at a book event in your life.”

“We’re here because this is a great party and I’ve read every one of Macomber’s books,” Henry Schmitt said. “I just picked up a copy of ‘The Assassin’s Honor’ and started reading it. I like Macomber’s style and the way he weaves real history into his writing. He must put a lot of research into his books.”

“I want my readers, when they think of me, they smile, because they remember great parties,” Macomber said. “Next year we will have our usual rendezvous here at Woody’s and then a second rendezvous in Old Havana. I’m going to give my readers a walking tour of Old Havana that includes all the places from my books. You can still stay in the hotels and go to the restaurants I write about. I want my readers to expand their cultural horizons.”