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Making a plea to the readers on Sanibel

By Staff | Nov 11, 2015

To the editor:

To Whom It May Concern:

I’ve had 2 Foreclosure cases a couple years apart

Essentially, I bought my home in 2007 via my parents’ company which went out of business.

I made all the mortgage payments and never missed a single one. In 2009 I went from one mortgage service provider to 11. All of a sudden over $52,000 of payments weren’t accounted for though I had the cancelled checks.

The first court case went as expected and was thrown out. The 2nd one then took 3 years and $21,000 in legal fees during which time the foreclosure case was sold for 40 cents on the dollar to a hedge fund whose well-paid attorneys argued that, as my parents company had shuttered that I had no connection to the case.

I am the title-holder, homesteaded and it has been my only residence since 2007. They argued they were only going after the “note-holder” so I had no connection to the case which was allowed and now my house is going to auction after $52,000 went missing in their coffers.

I’ve already spent $26,000 trying to prove this and am pretty much, SOL.

Question to the readers…

Does any one have any good ideas on what to do in this situation?

It’s heart-breaking and galling that after everything, Wall Street is still trying to buy Main Street to throw people who pay their mortgages on the street…

Warm Regards,

Tate Ball