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Cosden wins District 7 seat

By Staff | Nov 3, 2015

CAROL ORR HARTMAN Newly elected City Councilmember Jessica Cosden, middle, her husband, Dan, and her mother, Caron, watch the voting results come in Tuesday night at Rockade in downtown Cape Coral.

Jessica Cosden, a lifelong resident of the city, defeated Timothy Barrier in the District 7 race to capture the seat held by Derrick Donnell, who termed out.

Cosden grabbed 50.25 percent of the vote to 43.7 percent for Barrier.

Cosden celebrated her win at Rockade with well-wishers and family, including her two children.

“I’m thrilled I’m very happy. It was a tight race, but the hard work begins now,” Cosden said. “It was hard campaigning, but this is a new kind of hard work, so I’m excited by what’s to come for the next four years.”

Cosden had the support of District 2 Councilman John Carioscia and of previous District 7 opponent Sam Fisher and, with victory in hand, she now has to mull over the many issues the city has to consider.

“The LCEC decision has the potential to change the city’s future, so that’s a big issue. Succession planning for retiring leadership is another issue,” Cosden said. “It will be a whole new world, but I’ve done so much learning during the campaign. I believe I’m ready to jump in, but it will be an adjustment.”

As for the composition of new council – four men, four women – Cosden said the government will now reflect the city that it represents, so it really matters.

Barrier said he was happy he ran a clean campaign and is looking forward to some professional and personal projects.

“I have tax season coming up, I have a camping trip coming up and maybe a football game or two,” said Barrier, who is a CPA.