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Question of the week: Message for the voters

By Staff | Oct 30, 2015

Each week through the primary, The Breeze will ask the candidates for Cape Coral City Council an issue-related question. In the interest of fairness, each candidate is limited to the same amount of space, about 100 words, for their response.

This week’s question: What final message would you like voters to take to the polls?

District 2


Now, let us look to the future and at the upcoming projects that are now happening in our City:

– The $10 million Convention Center.

– The removal of the Chiquita Lock.

– The Mall at Kismet and Del Prado.

– Citywide road paving.

– More street lights and sidewalks.

– Refurbished alleys.

– Median beautification.

Ladies and gentlemen, none of this happens by accident or chance.

As the experienced candidate that has achieved results, the choice is clear.

Promises vs results.

Please remember to Vote!


I would like the voters to base their decision on the candidate that best resonates with them and their political ideals. There are a lot of important issues that will be affecting the Cape, such as LCEC, Bimini Basin, the Golf Course, UEP, etc, and I hope the voters choose the candidate that will truly represent all citizens and just not special interest groups.

I have been very clear on my message to the public and my plan to achieve this goal, which is to keep spending to a minimum. My vision is to have an affordable community by bringing in corporations, green energy and beautification, which will lead to increased tourism and increased revenue, which will reduce the burden on the citizens.


District 3


I would like to thank all the citizens that know me and citizens I have met along the way that supported me throughout my campaign.

We can implement a new vision for the City and a brighter future for all of Cape Coral Citizens, not just a chosen few. I am asking every registered voter to get out and vote.

I want to thank all the people that worked so tirelessly on my behalf since January 2015. I have met new friends, seen how much citizens would like to have change in our community where our city can grow and prosper.

My thanks to everyone for their support.


A campaign is like an emotional roller coaster. Some days up and others not so good. Everyone wants to do their best for the citizens they will represent; however, how we accomplish this varies greatly. Before voting it is very important to look at past accomplishments, demeanor of candidate, and how that person might interact with those already sitting on the Council. It takes five votes to accomplish anything. I believe we are beginning to be recognized not only in Lee County but within the state for our professionalism. I would love to see this continue….and I would love to see a 25 percent plus turn-out since two years ago it was only 17 percent. Let’s improve and keep moving forward!


District 7


Back in February I entered this race to serve you, the citizens if Cape Coral. My goals and ideals haven’t changed. My character and integrity have been attacked along the way and both withstood the challenge.

Kathy and I have been married for 42 years. All of our lives, when confronted with a task that needed to be completed, we never asked how difficult the task before us was. We only asked where the starting line was. If elected, that’s the work ethic that I’ll bring to city council and the great citizens of Cape Coral.


The message I want voters to take to the polls, quite simply, is: Thank you. We live in the 10th-largest Florida city by population, but the number of voters in the Primary comprised the population of a small village (about 14,000). Voter apathy is a real problem in Cape Coral. As an active voter in a year with such a low turnout, your vote weighs more. Thank you for taking on that responsibility, and thank you for educating yourself on the candidates and the issues.

Cape Coral City Council races are non-partisan, citywide elections meaning all registered voters can cast a ballot in each race, no matter party affiliation, no matter the district in which they live.