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A swimming party

By Staff | Oct 28, 2015

To the editor:

When the two red Sanibel fire trucks pulled in to the parking lot on Wednesday noon [October 14, 12:30 PM], I assumed the Rec Center was on fire. There was no fire. A half a dozen firemen were going swimming.

When I asked why they could not have used a more fuel efficient vehicle, one of the firemen became belligerent.

If this was an off duty swim, why not use private automobiles? If it was a training event, then why not a smaller department vehicle?

The big red firetrucks belch diesel fumes and are hardly fuel efficient. Isn’t this a waste of our tax money?

Fires are rare on Sanibel, but if there was a fire, who was at the station to respond? I suppose, the swimmers would, clothed in their trunks, dash out of the pool, crank up the trucks and race off to wield the hoses.

Now, wouldn’t that be a picture?

Dr. John Raffensperger