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Updated: Investigation continues into gun-related domestic that resulted in shooter’s death

By Staff | Oct 26, 2015

Updated: CCPD releases name of suspect in officer-involved shooting

The name of the suspect from Saturday’s shooting in northeast Cape Coral has been released by investigators, following positive identification, and notification of next of kin, Cape Coral Police said in a statement released Monday afternoon.

Investigators have identified the suspect as Rolly Marley Thomas, 34, of 1518 N.E. 43 Lane, the release states.

After shooting one person in the home, Thomas shot at officers who had responded to the domestic violence call at his residence. He died on scene when officers returned fire, officials said.

The person Thomas is believed to have shot, and an infant injured in the disturbance, are in stable condition, police said.

Original post:

Cape Coral police continue to investigate a gun-related domestic disturbance that sent two people , including an infant, to the hospital and resulted in the death of the person believed to be the shooter.

Coral police responded to 1518 N.E. 43 Lane just before 1 a.m. Saturday on an open 9-1-1 call. The sounds of a disturbance could be heard on the open line, according to a prepared statement issued by CCPD.

“As Officers arrived, the suspect shot one person in the home and opened fire on Police. Officers returned fire and evacuated other persons from the home,” the release states.

The officers then took cover, set up a perimeter around the home, called for back-up, and rendered aid.

Multiple police units responded including additional patrol, SWAT, Crisis Negotiation Team, Investigative Services Bureau as did personnel with the Cape Coral Fire Department and Lee County EMS.

The Cape Coral Police Department SWAT assumed command and its members entered the home. They located the suspect, who was dead on scene, officials said.

“Two persons from the home were transported to a local hospital for injuries- one with life-threatening injuries, the other with apparent non-life-threatening injuries,” the release states.

No officers were injured.

The officer who returned fire on the suspect has been placed on paid administrative leave as a matter of standard procedure, officials said.

“Regarding the shooting incident occurring in North Cape Coral this morning, the latest information we have on the condition of two victims, one being an infant, who were injured, is that they are both in stable condition. Our prayers continue for them and their family,” said Police Chief Bart Connelly in a statement regarding the shooting incident released Saturday.

“As for the deceasedthe loss of life is tragic in any circumstance, and in this case, as with so many others, this death will affect many people for the rest of their lives. The protection of life is a primary mission of law enforcement and unfortunately, under certain circumstances, officers must take action in protecting life that causes the death of another. In most cases the decision resulting in that death rests with the deceased, not the officer.

“At this time we are only 14 hours into a complicated investigation and information is limited. However, I will say that I am extremely proud of the heroic actions of our officers who placed themselves in harm’s way under gunfire, and for rendering aid to those wounded in this terrible act of violence. The citizens of Cape Coral can rest easy knowing the brave men and women of their police department will unselfishly serve and protect, without hesitation, even if that service places their own lives at risk.

“This case remains an active investigation and information that can be released will be done so when it becomes available.”

Right now, details remain scant as the investigation continues.

“This is an active investigation and no additional information can be released at this time,” Cape Coral Police Department officials said in a followup statement. “Investigative Services Bureau Detectives are conducting the criminal investigation. Once the criminal investigation is concluded, the Cape Coral Police Department Professional Standards Bureau will conduct its administrative investigation. We will provide updates regarding this case as each stage is concluded.”

As of Saturday evening, the CCPD said it would not release either the identities of persons involved or the names of officers involved.

Officials also said the agency will not release the 9-1-1 call audio, radio audio, CAD logs or dash/body camera while the investigation is open.

“It will be several weeks to several months before any of this is available,” officials said in the followup release.

Source: Cape Coral Police Department