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Is the Chamber of Commerce good for your health?

By Staff | Oct 22, 2015

To the editor:

Thomas Donohue, Chief Executive of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is an aggressive advocate for big tobacco. Mr. Donahue has used his position to lobby against anti-smoking legislation in the U.S. Senate as well as abroad. [NYT’s, Saturday Oct. 10, page 1] In other words, Mr. Donohue and the chamber are in favor of lung cancer, emphysema and vascular disease.

Is the Sanibel Chamber of Commerce any better? The local chamber continues to promote Sanibel as a tourist destination with worldwide advertising despite our massive traffic problem.

Sitting in heavy traffic on Periwinkle is deleterious to one’s mental health; traffic noise and auto exhaust hardly contributes to our islands tranquility. Increased traffic also means more auto versus pedestrian and bike accidents.

Shouldn’t our city council protect Sanibel’s taxpaying residents from this traffic onslaught?

The council, after lengthy deliberation increased beach parking fees. Does anyone think this will reduce our traffic?

Unfortunately the council, loaded with pro-business people is synonymous with the Chamber of Commerce. Witness the approval of Mr. Harrity’s restaurant despite citizens outrage and their continued approval of island events that promote visitors to Sanibel.

Sadly, COTI, a near dormant organization, that is supposed to ensure good government and protection of our island says nothing and does nothing about our most pressing problems.

We taxpaying citizens are outnumbered by the big money people. Is there any hope for salvation from more and ever more traffic?

Dr. John Raffensperger