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Lee Republican Executive Committee eyes two Cape Coral Council races

By Staff | Oct 2, 2015

The Lee County Republican Executive Committee has reached out to two candidates in the city of Cape Coral’s upcoming council election.

Candidates Kirk LaGrasta, District 2, and Tim Barrier, District 7, have each received calls concerning a mailing on their behalf.

“As of two or three days ago I saw the proof and made one edit that I wanted in there,” said Barrier, who is running for the District 7 seat against Jessica Cosden, to replace Dr. Derrick Donnell, who is term limited out. “I believe a firm in Tampa is doing the work, but I don’t know any other details. I don’t get any money from the committee, I just benefit from the mailing.”

LaGrasta also confirmed he has been contacted.

“I think they will be mailed out about the same time as the election ballots are mailed,” said LaGrasta, who is running for the District 2 seat against John Carioscia. “I don’t know how many or the dollar amount of the mailing.”

Sources report that the cost of the mailings – planned as individual mailings for each candidate to absentee voters and then a joint mailing to registered Republican voters – is up to $20,000.

The Republican committee, however, declined comment on any details related to the mailing, saying nothing has been finalized.

“I don’t know how much we will comment on this,” said committee chairman Jonathan Martin. “None have been mailed yet and there is no guarantee any will be sent, but the Republican Party will do everything it can to educate the voters in Cape Coral on the issues. There are two very good Republicans running in Cape Coral in District 2 and 7.”

Martin would not attach a dollar figure to the flyer or speak about its content.

“The amount is determined by the number of flyers that go out, but at this point I don’t know how many or the time frame,” said Martin. “It’s just an idea right now. We will do what we can to get fair and honest information to the voters in Cape Coral.”

The two candidates running for the District 3 seat are Chris Cammarota and Marilyn Stout. Both are registered Republicans.

Cape Coral City Council elections are non-partisan, meaning registered voters can cast ballots is all district races without regard for party affiliation. Likewise candidates run campaigns with no party affiliation.

Council members are elected for four-year terms. Council elections are staggered every two years with four seats on the ballot.

Voter registration books close for the November election on Oct. 5 to be followed by an early voting period from Oct. 26-31. The general election in Cape Coral is Tuesday, Nov. 3.