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Dixie Roadhouse to host ‘Devils be Damned’ Tour

By Staff | Oct 2, 2015

The splitting of our society and country into two extreme sides and the notions of being judged of what one wears, eats or listens to, has been the inspiration behind the music and stage presence of Amerikan Overdose, the opening band for the “Devils Be Damned” Tour, which makes its stop at the Dixie Roadhouse in Cape Coral, Tuesday, Oct. 6.

The industrial metal band from Portland, Ore., will have the task of lathering up the crowd each night during the “Devils Be Damned” Tour, which is headlined by Mushroomhead, with the bill also including Unsaid Fate, September Mourning and Mortiis.

Tickets, which are $15, can be purchased via online at inklife.webconnex.com/mushroomhead2015 or by visiting the Dixie Roadhouse Facebook page and clicking the link for the show.

But Amerikan Overdose’s road to their first-ever national tour has been one filled with forks and bumps, but also featured by their determined grit to make it in one of the toughest entertainment markets out there.

“Man, we are just super excited for the tour,” said Amerikan Overdose’s lead vocals and creator Cody Perez. “This is a huge break for us and we are going to approach it like work and just show a lot of dedication through it.”

Amerikan Overdose origination started in Perez’ hometown of Portland, where his efforts to start bands underwent change after change, with very little consistency of band members.

Finally, Perez figured it was time to just go out on his own and “start his own thing.”

“I went ahead and moved forward, created my own band name and look and met up with a producer in Portland and we came up with some ideas, then started recording,” Perez said.

He came up with the name Amerikan Overdose to create an image of how the over-moderation of the American culture is and how it affects society.

“Amerikan Overdose reflects where we are as a culture in America,” Perez said. “It’s an idea of how, we as a society, overdo everything, from over-consumption in eating, drinking, drugs, violence and just about anything else we can put into our body. It reflects the person who drives a Hummer, but is unable to pay his rent for his little apartment.”

The sound Perez created for Amerikan Overdose was heavily influenced by what he listened to, such as Slipknot, Marilyn Manson and White Zombie.

Perez was quite efficient in how he blended his version of heavy metal, along with orientated rhythms, as well as a pop-infused electro synths, making a unique sound which stands by itself.

That versatility has created a broad variety of fans, which Perez would have no other way.

“We have no set target for fans,” Perez added. “There is no certain look or attitude of our fans. We have anywhere from teeny bopper girls to guys wearing mohawks. We’ve had 60-year-old people come to our shows and end up coming back again and buying our merchandise.

“There is no age range at our shows and people like what we are saying and that’s being a pro-believer in yourself.”

After recording the band’s first self-named CD at the end of 2009, Perez went about the task of gathering the live-act band members, but still without an image planned.

Perez’ inspiration of creating the band’s look, again went back to what was around him and what society was producing in his environment.

“Our image is based on that whole branding thing people base their lives on,” Perez said. “It’s all about everything you wear, how you look and symbols. That’s what we created.”

Each look of a band member reflects a story, featuring masks and face makeup, along with wild and thematic costumes.

The symbol for Amerikan Overdose is of a Masonic look, but has the band’s initials parlayed into it if turned the right way.

“This country is divided in half, and that’s the look we took for our costumes,” Perez said. “They are making a mockery of how society is. The make-up and masks reflect that we are monsters.

“I wear a mask, and I am the constant, where I never choose a side through my lyrics or look. I throw it out there and you make your decision on what I am saying.”

The band is gaining some consistency in band members, with the current lineup being Perez on lead vocals, his brother, Pito, on backing vocals; Freeman Manfree on guitar; The Human on the keys/synths; Starbie on bass and Brick on drums.

“Pito has been there from the start and he is sort of the opposite from me, since he is a kick-ass drawer and very expressive,” Cody said. “He is intense and expressive on stage, so you’ll know exactly who is when we are performing.

“Freeman brings a lot of leadership skills, he is our business end guy. He has helped me with some lyrics for our new CD (coming spring of 2016) and he and Brick will both be able to display their skills this tour.”

Starbie came to the band in the middle of last spring and is just one of the rising female rock performers in the music genre.

“Starbie fits right in with us,” Perez said. “She is not your typical woman and proves heavy metal isn’t just for angry white dudes.”

The “Devils Be Damned” Tour will certainly be a grueling challenge for Amerikan Overdose, which will be undertaking their first-ever back-to-back format of shows.

Travel will be extensive, with the tour playing in Willmington, N.C., the night before the Cape Coral show. That’s a trip of 754 miles.

From Cape Coral, they travel to Jacksonville Beach, then to Orlando, then back south to Fort Lauderdale and back up to Destin for an Oct. 11, show.

“People have come up to us here at home saying how lucky we are and the chance to go and party on the road like that,” Perez said. “It’s not going to be like that at all. It’s going to be a real task and we will not be drinking and partying through it. It’s going to take a lot of dedication and we will have to be mentally focused.”

Perez said Amerikan Overdose will be ready each night and supplying the crowd with their high-octane style on stage.

“We are a band who loves to hang out with people,” Perez said. “We’ll take pics with you, shake your hand, make you laugh and then we’ll supply a high-energy show.”

Perez has also taken to social media to spread the word of Amerikan Overdose. He maintains popular Twitter and Facebook accounts, which has helped the band amass a dedicated following.

Now, hitting new ground in the South, is the next challenge.

The audience will be greeted with Amerikan Overdose cuts such as “Amerikan Me”, “Dead Girl on the Dance Floor” and “Falling”, which is based on Perez’ attendance at former Pantera head vocalist Phil Anselmo’s talk about addiction.

Music, videos and to purchase the band’s music can be found at amerakinoverdose.com/music/.

“We are up for it, we are ready,” Perez added. “We want to produce a show for people so they are talking about it for at least a few days after in Cape Coral.

“We are very interactive and a very social band. We encourage meeting as many people as we can.”

The sound will be unique, but familiar, when Amerikan Overdose kicks off the “Devils Be Damned” show.

But also be ready for genuine in-your-face music and stage antics, which will gear up any metal head for a night of heavy music, only at the Dixie Roadhouse, Oct. 6.