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City Council takes on poop

By Staff | Sep 30, 2015

The Sanibel City Council approved $15,000 to study coyote scat, a biologist’s jargon for poop.

When this study is completed, they will approve $130,000 more to capture, radio-collar and sterilize the coyotes on Sanibel.

Does this sound like the conservative, self- styled “fiscal hawks” on our council? Perhaps, the explanation for this ridiculous behavior is because politicians admire and often emulate sneaky thieving coyotes.

Conservatives also approve unplanned parenthood that is frequently practiced by these wily animals.

The local wildlife biologists are rightly concerned about predation of endangered species.

Coyotes thrive in habitats from deserts to Central Park and are almost impossible to control. Here on Sanibel, instead of expensive studies, capture and transport the rascals to central Florida where ranchers and hunters use them for target practice.

The main concern is about coyotes scarfing down baby turtles and turtle eggs. The council should express their concern about sea turtles by paying attention to the increasing temperature of the ocean and rising sea levels.

This summer storm surges inundated at least one nest in our neighborhood and the sex of sea turtles depends on water temperature.

Rising temperatures means more females and fewer males, making it hard for the ladies to find a date.

Concern about sea turtles now brings us to tourists and traffic.

Recently in Costa Rica, thousands of tourists descended on a beach used for nesting by Ridley turtles. Some tourists even rode on the backs of the turtles.

The disgusted turtles turned around and went back into the ocean.

Since their desultory, do nothing workshops, the council has divulged no plans to control the inevitable traffic jams. Instead of studying poop, the council could appropriate the money for signs and other methods of discouraging visitors, day trippers and others who clog our streets and beaches.

John Raffensperger, MD