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Vision Plan

By Staff | Sep 29, 2015

City officials have scheduled a Town Hall meeting on Thursday, Oct. 8, at Christa McAuliffe Charter School to discuss a Vision Plan for the Seven Islands area and the Northwest Cape.

Project consultants representing CPH, Inc,. will attend the meeting, slated to run from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. The school is located at 2817 S.W. 3rd Lane. The public is invited to attend the meeting and become involved in the process.

The 48-acre Seven Islands property is part of a $13 million purchase the city made in 2012. The islands are all man-made and front on the spreader canal on the edge of a mangrove preservation area with access to the Gulf of Mexico through Matlacha Pass. Each island parcel ranges in size from 4 to 5.5 acres.

Several months ago, the city awarded a $100,000 contract to CPH, Inc., to study the area and help plan future development of the Seven Islands and 46 adjoining properties.

“We’re starting with a blank slate,” said city Public Information Director Connie Barron. “We want the public to come forward with ideas and feedback similar to the way we did with the Bimini Basin.”

Barron said no vision or project has been discussed at this point by the consultants or investors or the public in general. The process is starting from scratch.

Besides the Seven Islands waterfront parcels owned by the city, the area of Northwest Cape bordered on the west by the protected mangroves, on the north by the city limits, on the east by El Dorado Boulevard and south by Pine Island Road is part of the focus of the Vision Plan development.

“I’m sure the Northwest Neighborhood Association will be very vocal and involved in this process as well,” said Barron. “I’m sure there are some things they do not want to see developed up there, such as high-rises blocking the view.”

For more information contact the Department of Community Development at 239-574-0566.