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Fall festival held at Lee County Posse Arena

By Staff | Sep 29, 2015

It all started with a barrel race in the morning and ended with a celebration that went almost until dark.

There was food and lots of fun as the tival on Sunday, which not only benefitted a local food bank, but also the kids who use the arena as a safe place to ride.

The Junior Posse is an organization that holds fundraisers throughout the year so it can hold an annual awards banquet and continue with the upkeep of the arena, which is in need of maintenance.

Allie Barnadop, Junior Posse president, said the kids love to hang out together, become friends and bond like a family.

“We help with all the shows that go on. It’s family oriented, so everyone can come. We like to have as many people here as possible,” Barnadop said, who was celebrating her 16th birthday as well. “We’re trying to fix things up here through community service.”

The fun got started at 10 a.m. with a 4D barrel race and pole bending for the kids. Dozens of riders of all levels of experience gathered to try to win a share of the pot.

Once that was over around noontime, they got the pavilion cleaned up and the vendors in there for the festival, where dozens of kids and their families gathered to celebrate a new year that offers lots of promise.

The price for admission was three canned goods, which will go to the Harry Chapin Food Bank to help feed those who are less fortunate.

The local 4-H was there selling baked goods and raffle tickets to raise money for the fair coming up this February.

“The fair is important to all of us. We want everyone to see we’re a good group so we can have new members this year,” said Emily Murphy, 4-H president.

There was a myriad of fun things to do, and kids got to buy coupons to have their crack at them. There was a dunk tank that Alex Rossback, 8, became an old pro at as he repeatedly sent the dunkee into the drink.

There was also a balloon pop, where kids threw thumbtacks at balloons, a fishing game where playing cards with numbers on them were placed on a fishing hook and kids had to roll a gigantic die to match the card and win.

There was also a duck pond and cow paddie Bingo, where a cow would determine where to do her business in the arena. If you guessed correctly, you won.

Brooke Guinn, 15, the Lee County Junior Posse Queen, was enjoying it all, decked out in her western garb with princess, Jaiden Hinman.

“We try to support everyone who needs help. If their horse is acting up or they’re having trouble, we always try to help them,” Guinn said. “This place means a lot to me. I love coming here every weekend to see everyone with their horses.

The hard work of everyone involved with the arena is evidenced by the doantions and hard work, including a project to erect new bleachers to replace the old wooden ones.

They should be installed in plenty of time for the Cracker Day Rodeo in January.