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City to seek interlocal agreement with Charlotte County for planned development

By Staff | Sep 23, 2015

City Council unanimously approved a resolution Monday night to negotiate an interlocal agreement with Charlotte County for utility services for the proposed development project known as The Resort at Tranquility Lake.

The project was approved last week by the city’s Planning & Zoning Commission and is scheduled for a public hearing with City Council on Oct. 5. The 188-acre project includes a special exception for a recreational vehicle park on Burnt Store Road south of Durden Parkway.

According to documents, the developer with design and construct necessary water, sewer and irrigation utility lines inside and outside the RV park site to connect with Charlotte County utility service lines about a mile to the north. When Cape Coral utility service lines are available at the Tranquility Lake site, the developer will connect to city utility service.

The interlocal agreement will allow the project to go forward without delay and without the city prematurely extending its service lines nearly seven miles to the project site.

Council also followed through with the request to rename the Cape Coral Fire, Rescue & Emergency Management Services Department to simply the Cape Coral Fire Department.

According to Fire Chief Donald Cochran, the action actually returns the name to its original fire department designation prior to 1997.

“The finicial impact as a result of the name change is minimal,” said Cochran.

All of the department’s current logos, apparatus and uniforms still reflect the previous name as Cape Coral Fire Department established in 1962 eliminating the need to make even cosmetic changes beyond stationery and business cards.

Council also approved disposing of unusable surplus parcels of city property to private entities. One triangular shaped parcel part of the Enterprise Canal right-of-way will be deeded to LGI Homes, which will construct a seawall on the parcel.

The second parcel was declared surplus real property with staff having received a purchase contract in excess of the appraised value from the adjoining property owner, who has assembled the majority of the southwest corner of Pine Island Road and Southwest 3rd Place in order to propose a commercial project in the future.

Council’s next regular meeting is scheduled next Monday at 4:30 p.m. in Council Chambers.