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The Comedians

By Staff | Sep 2, 2015

To the editor:

In summertime when there are no Monday night movies, the best acts in town are at city hall.

The meetings of the city council and the planning commission are as hilarious as an Abbott and Costello movie. These comedy routines used to take place every two weeks but now the council and the planning commission meet once a month.

Mr. Goss explained that when the commission met every two weeks, the city employees didn’t have time to organize variances for swimming pools, coffee shops and other ventures. They are so busy at city hall!

There were a lot of laughs when the councilors met to discuss traffic, especially during the recital of “need more study,” “not much to do about it” and the endless round of discussing roundabouts.

The best joke came a few months ago during the planning commission’s hearing on Doc Ford’s restaurant.

The hundred or so black clad folks who protested the new eating and drinking joint are still giggling and guffawing about the paid mouthpiece who mentioned “fine dining.”

Fine dining usually begins with white tablecloths, flowers and candles on the table, soft music, hot, crunchy bread and warm butter in little pots.

It doesn’t mean televisions blasting out sporting events and a bar.

Now folks, don’t miss a single meeting of the comedians down at city hall. There is a laugh a minute while those guys gut the Sanibel Plan.

Dr. John Raffensperger