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Beach Fire chief placed on administrative leave

By Staff | Aug 19, 2015

Fort Myers Beach Fire Control District Fire Chief Darren White was placed on administrative leave Tuesday. The action occurred at the District’s Board of Fire Commissioners meeting.

According to an email from Commissioner Chairperson Carol Morris, White is still considered the fire chief until his contract expires Sept. 30.

“From (Aug. 18.) until the end of his contract term, the Board decided to place the fire chief on administrative leave with full pay and benefits so he would have this time to work on his personal future plans and not be required to come to work,” she wrote. “Chief White will still be the fire chief during this period and be available in the event of an emergency by phone or email. Assistant Chief (Tom) May will be the assistant chief during this period. The Board of Commissioners will make a decision at a near future meeting on who will be the interim Fire Chief from Sept. 30 until a new fire chief is competitively selected and put into the fire chief position.

Morris said a decision not to renew White’s contract was made at a board meeting held on Feb. 26.

“Once the decision was made not to renew the Chief’s contract, then the Board had to decide what to do when the contract expires on Sept. 30,” she wrote through email. “Since the Board also previously decided to competitively fill the Fire Chief’s position, then the only decision was whether the current Chief would remain as an employee “at will” or finish his service at the expiration of his contract. The Board decided that it was in the best interest of the District to have the Fire Chief conclude his services to the District at the expiration of his contract on Sept. 30.”