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Council to discuss school traffic pattern

By Staff | Aug 14, 2015

Residents along SW 36th Terrace near Pelican Elementary have asked for relief from many traffic concerns associated with the student drop off/pickup pattern at the school and City Council will discuss those concerns at Monday’s regular meeting in Council Chambers.

Residents maintain they experienced property damage, encountered speeding cars and careless driving last school year along the south end of the school property. The Lee County School District does not plan to alter the pattern to relieve the situation this year either.

Councilmember Richard Leon has been discussing possible solutions with city staff and will report to the full council of their solution suggestions. Those suggestions include added police enforcement, speed humps, signs, painting safety lines, making the street one way and even using traffic cones.

“I am bringing this forward to council so we may discuss openly the different alternatives with staff,” Leon wrote in a memo. “This is a high priority due to the school year starting up.”

Leon also will be updating council members on his and staff’s findings regarding a proposal to establish a beach area in the northwest Cape.

Developers are slated to petition council for a one-year extension to the expiration for infrastructure and off-site construction for the Embers Lake Estates planned development project.

Council also will conduct public hearings on two resolutions. One of those establishes a “complete streets” policy that contains guidelines for planned, designed and constructed roadways that promotes safe, efficient movement of people and goods whether by car, truck, transit, pedestrian or bicycle.

The second resolution accepts a loan proposal from Iberiabank in order to refund the city’s outstanding capital improvement and refund revenue bonds from 2005 and authorizes the issuance of a promissory note in an amount not to exceed $14 million.

Council also has scheduled two joint meetings with the Budget Review Committee next Wednesday and Thursday at 4:30 p.m. in Council Chambers that are open to the public.