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Development permit and variance approved by Sanibel Planning Commission

By Staff | Aug 5, 2015

The Sanibel Planning Commission approved a development permit application July 28, to construct an accessory swimming pool and deck which is elevated higher than seven feet above predevelopment grade and attached to a new single-family dwelling.

The permit was applied for by Kenneth and Alice Piech, who’s house is being built at 2337 Starfish Lane. There wasn’t any opponents against the permit from neighbors.

There were condition set forth by the Sanibel Planning Department, in which the owners had no objections to.

“The Piechs want everything to be in compliance, it’s their dream house and their retirement home,” said architect Edgar Burton of A.I.A. on behalf of the owners, who were not able to attend the meeting. “They agree with all the vegetation requirements and are in agreement with all the conditions.”

The Planning Commission also approved a certificate of appropriateness to replace the existing wood walkways with pervious brick pavers at the Sanibel Historical Museum and Village.

Director of Planning Jim Jordan gave an update about the skull found by excavators from a gopher tortoise excavation near Wulfert Road.

“The archeologist who (studied) the skull said it was of Calusa Indian origin,” Jordan said. “They are working with the developer now.”