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The Progressive Illusion

By Staff | Jul 29, 2015

To the editor:

Michael Bartley’s letter of July 22, Progressiveness vs not, is a typical liberal revision of history before the fact.

His “facts” about the ACA include eliminating double digit premium increases. Not true. Most insurers are requesting anywhere from 20 to 40 percent increases for 2016.

He completely ignores Obama’s lie that “if you like your coverage you can keep it.” Five million people lost theirs.

Many of those people were forced to go on Medicaid or take subsidies making them government dependent whereas before they paid for their own insurance. Many others were forced to take higher cost policies with coverage they didn’t want.

This is the liberal definition of progress. And of course Mr. Bartley used all the buzz words so important to the liberal dialogue such as racist, bigoted and repressive that has so effectively quelled dissent against the progressive policies that are destroying this country.

In an effort to justify Obama’s disastrous handling of Syria, he even grasped at the ridiculous “fact” that the navy had destroyed Syria’s chemical weapons.

How does he explain the more than 20,000 civilian deaths from chlorine bombs used by the Assad forces in the past year? And of course, as all good liberals do, his closing paragraph was a paean to President Obama who he portrayed as the abused, ill-treated, suffering, minority warrior whose leadership is not acknowledged.

According to Mr. Bartley his treatment was embarrassing. Apparently Mr. Bartley has no memory of how Democrats treated George Bush during his eight years when he was pilloried, abused and disrespected and which continued even during the first five years of the Obama administration.

Mr. Bartley’s letter does serve a purpose though, it gives us a view of the parallel universe in which progressives reside.