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Question of the Week: Why are you running for office?

By Staff | Jul 24, 2015

City Council candidate question of the week

Each week through the primary, The Breeze will ask the candidates for Cape Coral City Council an issue-related question. In the interest of fairness, each candidate is limited to the same amount of space, about 100 words, for their response. This week’s question: Why are you running for office?

(Cape Coral City Council elections are non-partisan and districtwide, meaning all registered Cape Coral voters may cast a ballot in each race regarding of where they live or party affiliation.)


District 2:


“I’m running for city council because I feel there is so much that needs to be done. Cape Coral is a great place to live, work and play. I believe with my vision and input we can make it better.

We need to beautify our city, make great entrances, fix our parks, encourage big business to invest in our citizens by creating a large job market so that in return our citizens financially can support our local business. We need to create a future for our kids when they graduate.

As a candidate I will do everything in my power to bring process to a reality.”


Incumbent: “I am running to continue to move the Cape forward.

When I first considered running four years ago, I was motivated to run because the Cape was going nowhere, standing still and with most issues, like our infrastructure, roads, equipment, bridges, etc., the Cape was deteriorating, daily.

I would like to finish: addressing our infrastructure, paving our roads, the installation of more sidewalks and street lights, and keep moving our Utility Expansion Project forward.

Today, the Cape is enjoying property values that are on the rise, an economic development boom, skyrocketing permit requests, and a much higher credit rating.

Let’s keep the Cape moving forward!”


“Running from what?

On a more serious note, I am running because, as a citizen and a taxpayer of this community I have serious concerns about the way that the city administration is handling the monetary aspects of government.

Specifically the government is over taxing and over burdening the taxpayer without providing the property owner with a justifiable rational. I do not consider “revenue diversification” a justifiable rational. I want to do something about that.”


“I am running for City Council because I believe the common taxpayer needs better representation making the decisions about how their hard-earned monies are used, and especially to make sure that Government contracts are constructed legally and fairly, and that the City work is not just given to a Select Few Contractors, who then funnel some of the funds back to those who support their projects.

I also want the workers to receive what they are entitled to, under the law, including overtime.”


District 3


“I am seeking election to Cape Coral City Council district 3 for several reasons; we need more representation for the average working class.

As a small business man and resident in Cape Coral for 24 years, I am just trying to keep what I have and with the never- ending taxes and new fees, I feel I am being pushed out of Cape Coral where I raised my family, started my business, planted roots. I feel I can make a difference. I am an outsider, no ties to political machine and the establishment that seems to control the city government.

I am concerned citizen, with a common sense approach, that’s what I am. I am asking for your support.”


“I have wanted to run for political office for a long time. The timing of that event was not right yesterday metaphorically speaking but is certainly right today.

After 32 years in Emergency Services my retirement approaches, Sept. 24, 2015. That date will be the end of one chapter and time for me to begin the next. I am running because I would still like to continue to serve people as I have my whole life.”


“I’ve lived in Cape Coral for 33 years, longer than any other place, to include six states and two foreign countries. We have the best quality of life and I would like to be involved with the decisions to keep us moving forward in this paradise we all enjoy.

I’ve served on Council and understand the role of Council members. After 14 years on the Lee Memorial Board, 11 as Treasurer, I understand finance, bonding, and large budgets.

I had not planned to run, but after encouragement, I’m once again on the campaign trail and look forward to serving.”


District 7


“I feel that my hard work, education, business and life experiences have served me well as Kathy and I raised our family.

Since moving to Cape Coral in 2009 I have served my church as a member of the Finance Committee for five years, Treasurer for three of those years, and also serve the Peace River Presbytery with its 38 member churches located from Sarasota to Naples, as a member of the Finance Team and Board of Trustees.

I would now like to serve my fellow citizens and help guide Cape Coral confidently into the future.”


“I’m running for City Council because I love Cape Coral. I have gained a unique perspective as a lifelong Cape Coral resident, now with a young family.

The demographics in Cape Coral have shifted, and Council should reflect the population. I have been involved in city politics for several years and I have extensive knowledge of current and past issues.

My career experience in data analysis – crunching numbers, identifying trends, and crafting solutions – would be a valuable asset to Council. I plan to work harmoniously with the other Council members to overcome challenges and achieve progress, maintaining a positive image of Cape Coral.”


“I am running for City Council as I want to ensure that my children not only have a safe and wonderful place to grow up in, but a sustainable city to call home.

I grew up in an area that became disorganized, expensive, and lacked infrastructure. That led to my family, friends, and myself leaving the area.

It is important that my children do not go through the same experience I had. I want to use my skills and experiences to help Cape Coral continue on the right track.”