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Civic Core plans progressing; first layout available

By Staff | Jul 24, 2015

There is now physical features to the Civic Core plan, which has been in the making for over the last two years.

Henry Woodroffe of Woodroffe Corporation Architects of Tampa Bay, presented the first artist renderings of the ongoing Civic Core project to the Sanibel City Council, Tuesday, July 21, inside City Hall.

The cost still estimates to be in the $20-22 million range, with three main components being constructed, including the Senior Center (Center 4 Life), Big Arts and the Sanibel Community House.

“It looks to have a very large space for community events,” said councilman and Vice Mayor Mick Denham after seeing the plans.

“The citizens will have the final say and will vote on it since it is a referendum item,” said Sanibel Mayor Kevin Ruane.

Woodroffe went over the three phases of the project, with the first being the pavilion concept, with the project including 650 parking spaces.

Phase two will reserve space for the Sanibel Community House and the final phase including Big Arts and the Senior Center.

“The Center 4 Life spacing assessment was based on what we heard two years ago,” Woodroffe said. “There will be an entry, a central space, offices and a multi-purpose area where meals, classes and events can be hosted. There also will be a canopy system and picnic seating areas.”

Denham added the plans have an island-look to it.

“The appearance looks very Sanibelian,” he commented.

Ruane maintained the plan of seeking grants and other means for funding the project.

“If the citizens want it, we will give what the citizens asked for,” Ruane said. “The numbers will have to line up.”

SCA chairman Richard Johnson said the Community House board is on board with plan, which would move their events north of Periwinkle Way.

“We support this plan,” Johnson said. “We like seeing the larger project becoming reality. The pavilion space looks to fit our community well and it will eliminate crossing Periwinkle. With our remodeling (of the current Community House), we can keep our indoor events there and the larger events across Periwinkle.”

Now progress can start being made, with physical drawings of the Civic Core being shared with the SCA, Senior Center and Big Arts boards, Ruane concluded.

The Mayor also announced a traffic management meeting, in conjunction with the Sanibel Planning Commission, will be Monday, Aug. 3, at 9 a.m. The meeting will be open to the public.

Sanibel City Attorney Ken Cuyler also reported the successful conclusion to the case of Kenter, et al vs. City of Sanibel.

The case is the litigation relating to the prohibition on the construction of the new residential boat docks on San Carlos Bay between Lighthouse Park and Dixie Beach Boulevard.

The 1993 city ordinance was challenged, but will stay “prevalent” after the ruling.

“The Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the decision ruling in favor of the City, so the ordinance stays prevalent,” Cuyler said.