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Sea turtle and snowy plover stats from SCCF

By Staff | Jul 22, 2015

Sea turtles

SCCF Sea Turtle Nesting Stats as of July 10, 2015:

  • Sanibel East: 101 nests, 263 false crawls
  • Sanibel West: 318 nests, 705 false crawls
  • Captiva: 108 nests, 188 false crawls

TOTAL: 527 nests, 1156 false crawls

Please observe Lights Out For Sea Turtles! This week we officially broke our record for total number of nests laid on Sanibel: 419 so far this season (403 loggerhead, 15 green and 1 leatherback).

The previous record, set last year, was 411 on Sanibel. Captiva’s record was set in 2000 with 179 nests; we are up to 108 nests on Captiva so far.

As of July 10, 53 nests have hatched.

NOTE: There are now coyotes on Sanibel and SCCF is screening as many nests as possible to discourage coyote depredation.

Snowy plovers

SCCF staff and volunteers monitor snowy plover nesting on Sanibel. As of July 10, the nest total for snowy plovers is 15:

  • 1 nest is active
  • 11 nests have hatched 31 chicks. Six nests have fledged 8 chicks; one nest has 3 chicks. All the chicks are gone from four nests.
  • 2 nests have been depredated
  • 1 nest is gone, fate unknown
  • 1 nest was washed out.