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Progressiveness vs Not

By Staff | Jul 22, 2015

To the editor:

A progressive sea change is undeniable.

More “people” are assured the same rights and privileges without having to find a special niche, sue or rely on generosity, or someone feeling inclined to be Christ-like on a given day. More people have access to affordable health care regardless of wealth, health or undefined pre-existing conditions while eliminating annual double digit premium increases. It’s just the opposite of the scare-mongering predictions of opponent Republicans.

They said employers would cut hours below 30 to avoid ACA (didn’t happen). Unemployment is poised to dip below 5 percent while “free riders” are forced to contribute to their health care cost, as opposed to passing that cost to the rest of us. Remember the scare that 5 million people would lose their coverage in spite of “if you like it you keep it” attack? Never mind that virtually the same number would have lost it as happened historically any way. Instead well over half those end up getting more coverage for less after their subsidy. Bottom line, only 1 million of those (doing well- but lost theirs) had to pay more for better coverage instead of useless catastrophic plans. That’s progress!!!

Will the opponents accept striking out at attacking the ACA and offer known amendments to make our health care among the best in the world? That would be Progress from the “Nots.” This president doesn’t seem interested in taking victory laps – maybe they could call an amended ACA RomnObama Care and embrace the 21st Century that has exposed the symbols, policies and bias that are abusive, repressive, racist and bigoted against all minorities. They’re in retreat for sure, but we don’t want to re-fight the Civil War. Just join the majority of humanity and move on. If large businesses can do it we all can.

We’re seeing major employers capitulating to better pay for the middle and lower working class as a result of the focus on the income and wealth gap vs “Trickle Down Economics.”

We are not going back into another invasion of an oil rich country with our young men and women for the profit of transnational corporations. BTW, the Navy has finished destroying all of Syria’s chemical weapons – wasn’t front page though.

We have come to expect no credit for his leadership but the history books will note the election of a minority, Barack Obama (a decent, brilliant man), as way more than symbolic to the way this all plays out in the eight years of his tenure. As embarrassing as his treatment has been, perhaps it serves to focus us on the real America and shine a light on a more honorable path forward.

Michael Bartley

Fort Myers Beach