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CROW calendar of events for July 22-24

By Staff | Jul 22, 2015

Wednesday, July 22

CROW Case of the Week presented by CROW Student

CROW’s teaching hospital offers externship, fellowship and internship opportunities for natural science and veterinary medicine students. While on site, students learn the ins and outs of conservation medicine and wildlife rehabilitation, and are excited to share their favorite patient stories with you all.

11 a.m. ($5.00 included w/admission)

Thursday, July 23

Patient Profiles: Gopher Tortoises presented by CROW Volunteer

The life of a Gopher Tortoise revolves around its burrow. These tortoises are found digging from Southern Georgia to Southeast Florida. Because of its contributions to the ecosystem, it is classified as a “Keystone Species.” Come listen as CROW’s presenter describes why they are admitted how the medical staff treats this species.

11 a.m. ($5.00 included w/admission)

Friday, July 24

Wild About Rehabilitation presented by CROW Staff

After a patient stabilizes in the hospital, CROW’s rehabilitation staff provides them with a combination of balanced diet, husbandry and physical therapy. This supportive care is necessary to ensure success during the final step in the rehabilitation process, so come ask our staff how they work their magic.

11 a.m. ($5.00 included w/admission)