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A Message from COTI

By Staff | Jul 22, 2015

To the editor:

I am proud of the contributions the Committee of the Islands has made in supporting and defending the goals of the City of Sanibel written in the Sanibel Vision Statement and the Sanibel Plan. And I am very grateful for the encouragement and responses we get from over 1000 members and supporters who receive our email newsletters.

Over the years I have experienced lively debates with City Council and the community on issues important to Sanibel such as the “Forever Green” and “People’s Choice” charter amendments, a post-disaster build-back ordinance, restriction of commercial bus and Segway use, a revised “Dark Skies” ordinance, and the as-yet unsolved threat to our beautiful island waters from polluted Lake Okeechobee overflows.

Opinions on issues like these may differ, but we all have the good of our Island at heart. COTI and its volunteer Board of Directors will continue to diligently work toward the betterment of our Island community.

In today’s world, political discussion is too often confrontational and personal. However, one of our Island’s key strengths is well expressed in the Vision Statement: “Sanibel is and shall remain a small town community whose members choose to live in harmony with one another….”

David Bath, COTI President