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Woman injured in July 4 accident released from hospital

By Staff | Jul 14, 2015

A woman was released from the hospital after a fatal accident over the holiday weekend.

As of Tuesday, Montaigu A. Moselle, 36, of Pawtucket Road, Rhode Island, had been discharged from Lee Memorial Hospital, where she was transported on July 4 following the crash, officials reported.

According to Cape Coral police, Moselle was driving a Kia Forte east on Veterans Memorial Parkway when she stopped at the intersection as Skyline Boulevard. At 10:33 p.m., Moselle entered the intersection to turn north on Skyline, driving directly into the path of a westbound Chevrolet Impala.

As a result, the Kia struck the Chevy, which was traveling at about 50 mph, head on.

According to witnesses, eastbound and westbound traffic had solid red arrows for the turn lanes.

The impact forced the Chevy to the northwest, where it came to rest against the curb. The Kia was forced to the west, where is came to rest in the median on the west side of Skyline, police said.

Moselle suffered serious injuries in the crash and was trauma-alerted to the hospital.

The driver of the Chevy, Paul W. Ortiz, 56, of Woodridge, New Jersey, sustained injuries in the accident and was transported to the hospital, along with all three passengers in his vehicle.

Ortiz and one passenger, Kathleen Ortiz, 57, of New Jersey, have since been released.

A second passenger, Paul Ortiz, 84, of Salem, South Carolina, died overnight at the hospital.

The third passenger, Joan Ortiz, 78, of Salem, South Carolina, was listed in critical as of Tuesday.

Police reported that the accident is alcohol related and is pending an investigation.

According to a report, Moselle’s blood alcohol content was .214 at the time of the crash.